Legal & IT support of ICO
If proper legal and technical measures are not taken, a startup that is planning ICO takes risks to be held accountable, ruin its business reputation and lose money of investors.
Legal support for safe ICO
a. Choose best jurisdiction for ICO and registrar
b. Draft and review ICO documentation
c. Structure your ICO
d. Analyze your token (security or utility / bonus, property right or loan) on legal risks
e. Advise on tax implications and tax optimization
f. Ensure compliance with AML and KYC rules
g. Advise on distribution of cryptocurrency and conversion to fiat
IT support for secure crowdsale
a. Create secure ERC20 token
b. Develop pre-ICO smart contract
c. Develop crowdsale ICO smart contract
d. Perform smart contract audit
e. Consult on Ethereum and Hyperledger blockchain-based platforms
200$ per hour.
First consulting is free.
Andrey Didenko
Managing partner, blockchain & ICO lawyer
Drafts and reviews white paper and other ICO documentation. Analyzes token nature. Consults on KYC/AML.
Gregory Ignatyev
Blockchain & ICO developer
Consults on blockchain technology. Creates smart contracts and tokens for ICO and pre-ICO.
LLC "EasyLaw"
Contact person:
Andrey Didenko, CEO
+7 (495) 133 96 21